Dear friends and readers,

I am bursting with joy to be able to introduce you to my new logo: “Mirjam Dunkel, Wildland Horsemanship”. I’m so excited to see how you like it! But before we go into detail, I would first like to thank my incredibly talented friend Jana Kiewitt ( for her beautiful logo design. She has managed to capture exactly the American flair that so aptly reflects my work and values – she just knows me well!

You may remember how I explained the origin of the name “Wildland” in one of my previous blog posts. It stands for a vibrant community of horse lovers who not only value the fair treatment of their horses, but also respect nature and their fellow human beings. Wildland Horsemanship is for those who want to delve deeper into the world of horse training to understand how horses think and learn.

There is no simple recipe à la “Three steps to the perfect horse”. No, there is so much more to this method – it requires patience, dedication and, above all, trust. But if you work really hard on yourself, there comes a point when the horse follows because it trusts. Then roaming through the wilderness together – without a rope or halter, simply in harmony between man and animal – that is the true essence of Wildland Horsemanship.

Your horse will carry you proudly because it is physically and mentally capable of doing so. But Wildland Horsemanship is not only about connecting with horses and nature, but also about respecting nature and other people without dominating or judging. This is the essence of what I want to embody with my logo.

I sincerely hope that you are as enthusiastic about my logo and the values it embodies as I am. Let’s discover the beauty of nature together and strengthen the bond with our horses, in harmony and respect.

With best regards,

Mirjam Dunkel

Jana Kiewitt

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