I would like to share an experience with you today that has impressed my horses and me in equal measure and I hope I can help one or two of you with it. When it comes to the health of our beloved four-legged friends, we are prepared to do anything. This is what happened to me when I was confronted with the challenges of sarcoids and persistent watery stools in my horses.

My gray Lusitano gelding and my mare are more than just animals to me – they are my friends. When my gelding began to suffer from equine sarcoids on his chest and genital area, I was desperate. A mini wart even appeared under the coat by the girth. I felt helpless in the face of this situation.

And my mare was struggling with watery stools, even though she was already receiving the best possible care and husbandry. Good hay (24h), sufficient exercise and a loving environment didn’t seem to be enough to solve this problem. I started to make all kinds of changes to find the cause and tried various solutions – from stomach support to other methods. The financial and emotional cost was huge.

By chance, I heard about the plant “Moringa”, which could supposedly help with sarcoids. When I heard about this possibility, I was skeptical. After all, you hear about countless supposed solutions when you’re looking for advice. Despite my skepticism, I decided to give it a try. After thorough research, I started to include Moringa leaves and seeds in my horses’ feed.

After just four weeks, I noticed that my mare’s watery stools had disappeared. I could hardly believe it – finally a solution seemed to be on the horizon. But that wasn’t all. The sarcoids on my gelding actually began to recede. After four months, an astonishing 80% of the sarcoids had disappeared! Even the mini-sarcoid on the girth area was no longer there.

My enthusiasm knew no bounds. I can say with full conviction that moringa is a true superfood that can achieve amazing results in a natural way. But it wasn’t just the product itself that impressed me. I learned that there is real passion and dedication behind the cultivation and distribution of Moringa. Special thanks go to Ivo, who is so committed to this.

I really wanted to share my experience because I know how frustrating it can be when you are looking for solutions and everything drags on. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I would like to encourage you to give Moringa a chance. You can get a 10% voucher discount order from Villacomeback. Just enter the following link code “moringahorse23 and you will automatically land on the discount page. If you live in a country other than Switzerland, you can ask Villacomeback if they will deliver to you. For the sake of fairness, I would like to mention that I will receive a share of the sales if you order with the discount code. I would also recommend Moringa and Villacomeback regardless of this! The proceeds go back into my blog.


I mixed 150 grams of Moringa leaves into his feed every day. My gelding is fussy, but he likes to eat it. I also mix about 3-6 Moringa seeds into his feed every day. I don’t know yet what will happen when I take a break from Moringa 🙂

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