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Pushing boundaries, experiencing new freedoms.

How high my horse can jump, what prizes we have won or how many mountains and lakes we have crossed is unimportant. What counts is that we BOTH enjoy the journey – as a team.

Are you also attracted to horses – by their strength and intelligence, their beauty and their gentle nature? These magnificent animals give us so much, provided we gain their trust. But that’s not so easy, is it?

We all want a horse that approaches us happily when we enter the stable. A horse that feels safe with us and is allowed to develop. A horse that joins us voluntarily. Because it is mentally prepared and motivated to go in any direction we ask of it – be it jumping, dressage, trail or leisure riding.

We want a friend without fear at every moment.
We know: sometimes it’s not so easy to get along with a horse. The list of possible problems is as long as the history of riding. Stay calm: You are not alone with your dreams, worries and fears.

Pushing boundaries, experiencing new freedoms.

Build a strong relationship with your horse. This will make training much easier and more lasting.

Build a strong relationship with your horse. This will make training much easier and more lasting.

Every success begins with a dream. Let’s realize it together.

Believe in your abilities and those of your horse. And imagine that your dreams come true. Then the connection with your horse will move mountains … And you will write your own beautiful story.
My wish is that you don’t just remain a ‘follower’, but become an inspiration for your horse and those around you.

I am firmly convinced that you will no longer need a trainer. Provided you understand the principles of how a horse learns, feels and thinks. On my learning platform, I will introduce you to the training principles that have helped me to work successfully with horses.
The aim is for horse and owner to become safe and motivated training partners – joyful, positive and independent of any riding style.
I would like to encourage you to study the training videos and try out the tips yourself as well as the principles. I also want you to realize that mistakes and experiments are part of the process and that we shouldn’t always take everything so seriously. Ask questions in my closed Facebook group and learn from like-minded people. That alone will take you a long way forward and give you aha moments.
You can train intensively at my ranch at any time or even become a trainer. You can also book me for on-site training or attend one of my courses.

My heart beats for horses.

I have experienced many of my most beautiful and magical moments with horses. I grew up in the Swiss Alps and horses have always been a part of my life. They fascinated me and cast a spell over me … their beauty, strength, intelligence and honesty are unique. Horses have taken me on a journey that I would never have dared to dream of. I have worked with traumatized horses, and with horses that have never seen a human … I have been able to work with different animals and their owners all over the world. They have all shown me step by step how to understand these great horses. And more importantly, they have taught me to understand myself better. For me, horses are not objects for entertainment, but equal beings. They also want to be heard, seen and appreciated.
Entering into a true partnership with them is an incredibly rewarding experience.
Nature gives me so much. It’s where I find my inner peace – far away from the stress of everyday life and civilization.
I’m not perfect and I’ll never be finished learning. But my lifelong dream is to pass on to you my 20 years of knowledge about horses and what they have given me.


” Mirjam Dunkel is a great horse(manship)trainer. She is very patience. Really sees the horse and helps the horse where ever she can. We enjoyed her clinics in the Netherland. I am honored with our friendship and cooperation. It’s really nice to learn from each other. Looking forward to more clinics together in the future! “

C. Nieske

” From our first meeting I was fascinated by your natural manner. Your dedication in dealing with horses, your enormous expertise and your experience make a perfect combination. I am enormously grateful for every lesson I learn from you. For me, it’s not just learning how to handle horses. It is much more a school of life.
Thank you Mirjam. “

Fabiola A.

“A DREAM comes true, thanks to Mirjam!!! My horse Libero and I understand each other better and better, giving us more and more freedom and confidence, from the ground in free work and in easier, soft riding. … A huge thank you to you Mirjam for your patience and your constant motivation. You are always confident and cheerful, giving us your smile from the first to the last moment of the lesson. You put all your knowledge and great skill into every single lesson. I feel so lucky to be your student.”

Monika K.

” … Mirjam is exactly the trainer we needed and I hope that I and my horses can still learn a lot from her. Mirjam always takes a lot of time for us, is always in good spirits, a positive, cheerful person. I am really very happy that I found Mirjam and that she supports us. I wish every human-horse couple such great support. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mirjam Dunkel, for me there is no better horse coach. “

Bettina K.

” I have had the pleasure of photographing Mirjam working with her horses several times and have always been impressed by her dedication, her feeling for the animals and her ease in dealing with them. I can recommend her unreservedly. “

Jasmin Z.

» Very grateful for the amazing clinic weekend me and my horse Chex enjoyed with Mirjam a couple of weeks ago in The Netherlands. She showed me a playful and refreshing way for a “kind-of-new start” with my somewhat demotivated youngster. Very clear suggestions for our next steps together, both in groundwork and riding. The way Mirjam communicates with horses through intention is really inspiring. Besides that, Mirjam is just a really sweet and fun person to be around with. Looking forward to learn more from you in the future Mirjam ! «

Karlijn E.


» I participated in a two day clinic from Mirjam in the Netherlands. I learned a lot about connection with my horse and how to make it stronger. What I really liked about Mirjam her way of teaching was that she really is present and aware with what she is doing, which means that she has all her attention for you and she teaches you to be present with your horse too. If you are present in the moment you will see all little cues your horse gives and this way understand your horse so much better. I think Mirjam is really an inspiring person. During this clinic she not only taught me how to work with my horse, she inspired me to become a more aware person myself. Thank you Mirjam for the great clinic and hope to meet you again in the future! «

Isabel ten B.




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