Something particularly beautiful

My new website is online. Jana and I have been waiting for this day for so long. There is some NEWS to discover on the website.

Jana Kiewitt,, and I have been working on a new website for over a year. We didn’t just want to create ANY new website, but something particularly beautiful.

Why a new website?
As there will soon be learning videos in my masterclass and I wanted to have the website in English because of my plans to emigrate, my old website had reached its limits.

The whole story
When you follow your dreams and pursue what your heart is burning for, you suddenly meet like-minded people who support you along the way! Alone, it would be impossible for me to realize these heartfelt wishes…

When I was looking for someone to give me tips on revamping my old website in spring 2021, I found web designer Jana Kiewitt – Konzept & Gestaltung, from Berlin, by chance. She was so enthusiastic about my projects that she offered to support me. She said she would create a professional website for me free of charge. I thought there must be a catch. Why would someone give me something so expensive and complicated? Jana didn’t even know me… I’m now glad I accepted the offer. I met a wonderful person as a result. Jana and I have become good friends. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jana for accompanying me on my journey!!!

If you follow your heart with fire and courageously take the first step, doors can suddenly open that you would never have dared to dream of before, even if your dreams and projects originally seemed too big, the hurdles too steep and there were still many question marks at first!!!!

How do you like my new website?
I’m really looking forward to your feedback! 

Best regards Mirjam