For the sake of you and your horse: Wildland Horsemanship

Holistic horse training: Learn from a Swiss horse trainer who is one of the best and most experienced!

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Train and educate horses.

That is my offer. Whereby it is less important what your horse can do, but HOW he does it. For me, mental satisfaction, ease and the relationship between you and your horse are in the foreground.

Riding lessons Thun/Bern

In the region of Thun I give private lessons for horse owners. You can freely choose what you want to work on. Your riding style does not matter. Here are a few ideas:


Free work & ground work

  • Understanding the horse
  • Mutual trust and
  • Develop respect
  • Establish a mental connection with the horse
  • Develop fine communication
  • Learn clear body language
  • Introduction to objects, frightening situations and noises
  • More safety in everyday situations
  • Recognize and understand the emotions of the horse
  • Circus lessons

Ride better

  • Build trust between man and horse
  • Learn to sit independently of the reins
  • Become more confident
  • Build trust and partnership
  • Fine communication

Riding & Problem Horses

Do you want to break in a young horse? Do you have problems with your horse? Or do you want to give it into training?

I will be happy to help you with your dream.

With me young and problem horses are trained gently - adapted to you and your animal. The riding style plays absolutely no role.
It is very important to me to involve you as often as possible. Because I do not only want to train your horse, but also you. This way you can also train your horse later on. Only in this way, I think, is guaranteed that your relationship will last in the long term.

I am looking forward to your message.

Riding courses

There are no courses available at the moment.
However, I can give you a private course at your barn upon request. Would you like me to give a course at your stable? Just send me a non-binding request - I conduct courses worldwide.

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